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What Happens When Mayur and Rocky Visit Kanyakumari?


What Happens When Mayur and Rocky Visit Kanyakumari?

Hosts of popular travel show Highway On My Plate (HOMP) visited Kanyakumari recently to know what it is like to be at the southernmost tip of the Indian subcontinent! And while they were here, the duo made it a point to visit us- “the only ocean facing restaurant (in their own words) in Kanyakumari.” In fact, they also busted some of the other restaurant claims about ‘sea-facing or Sea-view providing.

We all know about Mayur and Rocky’s huge fan following and their influence among the millions of HOMP viewers around India. Over their 120,000 kilometer journey across the length and breadth of the country, they’ve reviewed thousands of restaurants and roadside eateries.

At The Ocean restaurant, we were more than proud to host these two avid foodies and allow our place to be reviewed by them. They even went a step further and explained about the ambience and the view from our rooftop restaurant.

Mayur, being a vegetarian loved the tandoori platter and the lemon soup. Rocky being a pucca non-vegetarian ordered our specialty squid and chettinaad chicken. They’ve rated us seven out ten for food and ten on ten for ambience. What more do you want guys? The hottest travel show guides are recommending us for food and view!!