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Stress-Buster Tips for a Happy Hotel Stay

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Stress-Buster Tips for a Happy Hotel Stay

You’ve discovered the ideal hotel that has everything from luxury amenities to alluring scenic view hitting the sweet spot, but does that alone guarantee to enhance the pleasure of your vacation? Any hotel in Kanyakumari is beyond a place that’s meant to relax and sleep, so here are few tips to make your hotel stay stress-free.

1. Arrive Ahead of Check-in Time: Holiday seasons make hotels packed with tourists, which means that if you don’t arrive in time you might compromise your reservation. You shall intimate the front desk, if you are unable to make it on time.

2. While entering your room: When you have arrived at your room, you shall take a look at your room, see if everything is intact and if lights, air conditioners and others are in working condition. If you are not happy with it, you may ask the front desk for a change of room.

3. Stay Safe: One among the most important things you need to do is to locate emergency and fire exits. They are nothing less than life savers.

4. Noisy Neighbours: If those noisy/yelling neighbours next door are bothering you, inform front desk about it rather than confronting them directly. A negotiator would peacefully deal with it & ensures you a calm & quiet stay.

5. Housekeeping: Whenever you are in need of an extra pillow, blanket or towels, just put forth a request and a housekeeper would delightfully help you out in no time.

6. Before checking out: Before you leave the hotel, thoroughly check your room & make sure you haven’t left behind any of your possessions, especially in cabinets or in the bathroom.

Comfort & safety is a priority for everyone and that can be ensured by following the aforesaid tips. Do not just try to land in a best hotel in Kanyakumari, but see if there’s everything that falls in place for a happy stay.