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Better Safe than Sorry – Tips for a Safe Hotel Stay

Hotel Stay, Kanyakumari

Better Safe than Sorry – Tips for a Safe Hotel Stay

Travelling is indeed an exciting affair, be it for business or leisure, and what matters the most is the safety of our possessions. A best hotel in Kanyakumari will have every measure executed for the safety of travellers, but personal welfare is your responsibility too. Follow these handy tips to guarantee your safety by all means.

  1. Get acquainted with the surroundings such as parking lots, elevators and hallway. Get to the public area if you sense something apprehensive.
  1. Never disclose your room number to anyone especially strangers. Most hotels do not have keys with room numbers etched on it, but be careful not to display them in public or leave someplace unsafe.
  1. Never leave your valuables in your car. It is best to keep such things as plane tickets, extra cash and others in a safe, if your room has it.
  1. Do not open the door every time when someone knocks. You might be under the impression that it is the housekeeping or maintenance staff, but it’s always wise to contact the front desk and ask them for confirmation.


  1. Never keep your children out of sight. Do not let them play in hotel premises including the elevator, swimming pool or the hallway in your absence.


  1. Always keep your door locked when you are in room. Do not keep them opened even for a short time. If the door has a chain or bolt, you shall use them too for extra safety.

Make your stay at the best hotel in Kanyakumari a pleasurable one, without anyone meddling with your safety and privacy.