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About Us

The Seashore Hotel is the crown jewel among the 6 different hotels owned by the The Seashore Hotel group. Established in 2011, the hotel offers premium accommodation and services for travelers to Kanyakumari. The hotel is just a stone’s throw away from the seashore and offers a wonderful view of the tri-sea. In fact, guests can view sunset and sunrise without even having to get off the bed. Not just the rooms, but the lobby and restaurant also offer a spectacular view of the rising and setting sun.

Who We Are:

Unlike others, we’re natives and understand the place more than anybody. Our staff too know the nook and cranny of the place. Trust us to come up with great tips to make your trip a memorable one, or, to come up with tricks when bargaining with local merchants.

Our Values:

What more can you expect from a hotel that regards its guests as god. The phrase, ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ defines our attitude and our philosophy towards customer service. The fact that the customer is the most important visitor to our hotel is ingrained within every staff.

Front view sea shore hotel
Front view sea shore hotel

Our Vision:

Repeat customers are the best compliment to a business. With a philosophy so simple, one can expect our vision statement to be simple as well. We aim to be the best hotel in Kanyakumari by offering exceptional service and warm hospitality.

Our Team:

Every member within the Seashore Hotel can converse in at least 3 different languages including English, Hindi, and Malayalam, besides Tamil. They’re courteous and extend sincere hospitality towards one and all.

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